At Missing Link School, we want to help create a better world by lending our expertise to various community organizations.

Bikes for Kids

Missing Link principal Craig Toker donates many hours to local schools to help kids learn about their bikes and prepare their bikes for outings and field trips. He has volunteered many hours doing bike safety checks for school group rides. Craig has enjoyed teaching various Boy Scout groups how to do basic bike repairs and safety checks. He believes in taking the time to educate the kids so we can reduce the high number of unsafe kids' bikes on the road today.

Bikes for Africa

Since 2005, Craig has worked with inmates at Wilkinson Road Correctional Facility to repair bikes that are then sent to Africa for the Compassionate Resource Warehouse. Through the Bikes for Africa program, Wilkinson Road inmates program fix up unclaimed bikes from the Victoria Police, Saanich Police and Oak Bay Police departments. The bikes are repaired and overhauled then donated so people in Africa receive reconditioned bikes they would not otherwise be able to afford. The program has been a positive experience for both teacher and students. The Bikes for Africa program has grown each year, processing thousands of bikes and enabling more people in Africa to have suitable transportation to get to the villages and schools.

Police Bikes

Craig provides bike repairs and servicing for the Saanich Police bike fleet. The Saanich Police patrol the cycling trails and routes throughout Victoria to ensure everyone has a safe ride to their destination. Craig takes great pride in ensuring the Police department always has a reliable fleet of bikes on hand so they can continue to keep our community safe.

Bike to Work Week

Craig volunteers at Royal Roads University and the Capital Regional District (CRD) to support Victoria's Bike to Work Week. Over the years he has donated a variety of products and services to the event and continues to do so. This program ensures continual growth in cycling as an alternative mode of transportation. Bike to Work Week is a huge reason why Victoria is known as the cycling capital of Canada, giving comfort and security to the average cyclist, showing them that they can do it. The same applies to cyclists who have basic mechanical knowledge — it gives them the security and confidence to ride. Many people fear the dreaded flat tire or chain falling off, keeping them from commuting on their bike. As the number of people who become educated in bike repair increases then more people will choose riding their bikes rather than driving their cars.