About Us

Missing Link School

Missing Link School is located in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, the cycling capital of Canada and the ideal spot for a school for people who love their bikes. Missing Link was designed to teach people — from novices to experienced cycling enthusiasts — how to maintain and repair their bikes.

The school is owned by Craig Toker who has been repairing bikes since 1998. Craig is a graduate from Barnett Bicycle Institute in Colorado. He is always giving to the community and loves helping people get out and ride.

"It gives me great pleasure to watch people's excitement grow as they learn new things about their bike," says Craig.

"We all remember our first bike as a kid and the freedom and excitement it brought us. Today, our bike gives us exercise, keeps us healthy, helps the environment, saves us money on transportation and helps us become more in touch with the wonder and beauty that our environment has to offer. It is very rewarding for me to share my knowledge with others so they can fully enjoy all the benefits their bikes have to offer."

At Missing Link School, our teaching philosophy is "See, Hear, Read, Do" — we combine demonstrations, lectures, and readings with a hands-on approach to learning in a clean bright, environment.